Street School Economics talk – a great 45 minute introduction to economics

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We can’t leave economics to Economists! So says Dr Gail Bradbrook from Street School Economics. Gail has been a Director of Transition Stroud and has been developing Street School Economics. Here is one of her talks captured by DarlingtonTV; click on this link to see more from their series of talks ‘Adventures in New Economics.’

DarlingtonTV write: This is the first of 12 talks given during the autumn of 2013 on Adventures in New Economics – a wide-ranging speaker series covering the key topics in new economic thinking today, presented by Transition Town Totnes, Totnes REconomy Project, and Schumacher College.

The dominant theory and practice is neo-liberalism, it’s a choice. Yet the myths suggest that it is an emergent property, the economy just happens, so we have to accept it, policy makers can only twiddle at the edges. Street School Economics is about feeling empowered to talk about the failings of the current system. It shows how an economy works, the links between the key issues of debt, inequality and environmental depletion and how corruption and vested interest maintains the status quo. We will share ideas on how to talk about economics with other people, with practical examples of what has been tried. This can open doors to talking about the alternatives and putting them into practice through the work of transition.

This talk was given on October 2nd in Totnes and was arranged with Schumacher College and Transition Town Totnes & the REconomy project.

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