Stroud against military intervention in Syria

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SyriaPress release below from:

“Welfare not Warfare!” Campaigners Challenge MP to vote against military intervention

Stroud Against the Cuts Press Release 29/08/2013

Summary: On Thursday 29th August from 8am-9am, a group of around 40 Stroud people gathered in Stroud High St to protest against UK military intervention in Syria. A further protest will take place at the same place on Saturday 31st August at 11am.

On Thursday 29th August from 8am-9am, a group of around 40 Stroud people gathered in Stroud High St to send a message to Neil Carmicheal MP: “Stroud Says no to UK military intervention in Syria” ahead of today’s parliamentary vote. The protest was called by Stroud Against the Cuts, who argued that – with the Coalition government claiming there is ‘no money left’ for welfare – the UK could not afford to waste money on risky military action.

Those present urged Mr Carmichael to join the reported 70 Conservative MPs threatening to rebel against the government. Those who attended agreed to meet again on Saturday 31st August at 11am for a further protest, on the day of a national protest in London, and to write to Mr Carmichael individually and collectively. The Stop the War Coalition statement on Syria was read out, and followed by comments from John Marjoram, former Mayor of Stroud, Chris Moore of Stroud Against the Cuts, and Jaine Rose of Wool Against Weapons. A rendition of the song “Where have all the flowers gone?” which includes the refrain “Where have all the soldiers gone? Gone to graveyards, everyone. Oh, when will they ever learn?” was sung.

James Beecher, one of Stroud Against the Cuts’ volunteer co-ordinators, said: “We’ve been repeatedly told there is no money left for the NHS, social security, pensions, education, libraries and so on. Suddenly there is money for Tomahawk missiles at £800,000 each. We should not pour petrol on this fire by bombing, and we there are plenty of more humanitarian ways to help the people of Syria who are suffering, the same amount of money spent on supporting the growing refugee camps would have a far more beneficial impact”.

Chris Moore, one of Stroud Against the Cuts’ volunteer co-ordinators, said: “Military intervention is all about USA and Britain trying to impose their control in an oil rich region. It has nothing to do with helping the Syrian people. We don’t need another Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Caroline Molloy, one of Stroud Against the Cuts’ volunteer co-ordinators, said: “As Eleanor Roosevelt once said – ‘No one won the last war. No one will win this one’. I would add, apart from the ‘defence’ contractors and profiteers. How many more times are we going to pretend that bombing is a ‘humanitarian intervention’? How many more times are we going to pretend that our armed forces can carry out ‘surgical strikes’ – that’s just a fantasy, as we’ve seen in Iraq – it is ordinary people that always get hurt”

Despite being organised just 12 hours earlier, many Stroud people turned out to show their support for the protest. Paul Shevlin (Valley Ward Councillor,  Stroud Town Council) said: “Why not be preparing an arrest warrant for the International Criminal Court in the Hague to call President Assad to account for war crimes if the evidence is sufficiently strong? This would send a clear message without endangering people on the ground and making things worse than they already are”

Charley Bircher (a member of Gloucester Green Party, who spoke in a personal capacity) said: “It’s been alarming in recent days to hear the tone of the “diplomatic” statements coming from high level U.S. Officials including John Kerry. These seem to leave little option but war. I came today to stand up and say “no” to being dragged into this. There are other options, which must be explored such as an international conference to bring this bloody civil war to an end.”

“The forces of war are lining up for intervention in Syria for their own geopolitical reasons: they want to control governments in the Middle East. Even with a UN resolution we must resist all calls for our involvement in Syria’s war. It will only make things worse. The only solution is a negotiated one,” said Bill Heaney, a Green Party member from Stroud.

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    nice one philip – well done to publish this so quick – and the people have spoken – the ripples from stroud (carmichael notwithstanding) and all the other local communities up and down the country have even reached the white house – excellent stuff

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