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SCTV-noms-2013-local business filmThis is one of the films from this business, based in Randwick – they write:

Survival School Ltd is the internationally renowned centre dedicated to teaching Bushcraft, Survival and Wilderness Living Skills. We do all that whilst you learn to live with nature, enjoy yourself, respect the environment and push back the boundaries of your capabilities. We specialise in teaching amazing new skills and providing the knowledge for you to live in the wilderness. You’ll get to try out lots of new activities and ideas whilst having a serious amount of fun! Courses are available in Devon, Staffordshire, Wales, South West Scotland and the Highlands of Scotland.

Survival School courses are designed to be fun and safe, (we employ a Health and Safety Consultant) whilst passing on the knowledge you need to be able to live comfortably in the wilderness.

Our instructors will spend time with each participant, ensuring that they get enough knowledge and practice on each skill to be able to master it before leaving the course. Survival School instructors are widely acknowledged to be some of the best around. We’ve trained instructors who have gone on to run their own schools, but we do our own research, have our own style and are asked to supply instructors for other organisations.

All courses are hands on experiences. You will get the chance to try new skills and techniques, see the edible plants in their natural habitat, build your own shelters and have all the fun and laughs that go with wilderness bushcraft. More info from:
01453 752220


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