Stroud Community TV newsletter: award nominations and more! 1st Feb 2013

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Nominations are being judged this week – results maybe out as soon as next week – many thanks to over 40 people who sent in their nominations – see the list at:


Sir William Romney’s School Lipdub – Don’t Stop Me Now!

Hear about the inspiring Stroud Permaculture’s Design Course:

Toad is on the road:

Stroud Show 1968:

A walk in Stratford Park with a peak into the walled garden and history of the museum:

Two films of a talk about the incinerator at Javelin Park:

Other films include a new series of 4 films of the canal regeneration, a moving testimony to Gordon McClone who steps down from being CEO of Glos Wildlife Trusts to do other things,  Ruscombe resident’s Rachel Cotterill at the TEDx talks, Berwick swans and a Bittern at Slimbridge, a talk from Martin Spray of Slimbridge, weekly news updates from the Glos Deaf Association, Dennis Gould reading poetry, meet Juliet Davenport, CEO of Good Energy, an update about the Stroud Community Kitchen project, the changes to Air Balloon junction, Giffords Circus and even a piece entitled ‘Goblin Market’!


Stroud Undiscovered Youth Grand Finale 2013 – amazing highlights:

Jessica Grace Weaver singing ‘Summertime’:

The wonderful Ruth Royall at:

Wilderspin’s ‘Promises’ about the Glencoe massacre 1691:

Plus music from Bridget McClusky, Sam Jones does an original song, a video getting to know that duo Smith and Jones plus their cover of Billionaire, ‘Oh Damn’ and Harry Jones’ ‘Drops of Jupiter’ and more!

THE JOSH EDMONDS MEMORIAL SCHEME:  This has been set up to honour the memory of Josh Edmonds who studied at Cirencester College and then went on to work as a video producer for the Ministry of Sound. The scheme is setting up an annual opportunity for young people in Gloucestershire to win a months internship at the MOS. Josh died aged 22 in a road accident while traveling in SE Asia in early 2011. Josh was passionate music lover and a talented video maker and produced over 200 videos for the club. The scheme aims to provide a similar opportunity to emerging talent from Gloucestershire.  The successful applicant will gain a real insight into the workings of a major music brand, develop their own talent, and get the chance to meet and work with experienced creatives in the world of popular music. Ministry of Sound CEO Lohan Presencer said   “Josh was a fantastically creative and enthusiastic member of the team at MoS.  He originally joined us as an intern, learning the ropes, and was successful in gaining full time employment.  His was a tragic loss to his friends at MoS.  Hopefully this placement will give someone the same opportunities that Josh had and continue his memory.”

Totally moving song just uploaded about Josh:

See more at:

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