Stroud Potato Day, 2 Feb 2013

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Potato Day is becoming a regular part of the gardeners’ calendar in Stroud, thanks to Transition Stroud and Down To Earth, who jointly run the event.  This was the third Potato Day, and as in previous years the volunteers almost sold out of seed potatoes – in fact they had sold the entire 25KG sack of one variety only an hour after opening!

Potato Days are events where gardeners can choose from a very wide range of potato varieties and buy as many or as few of each variety as they wish. Just want to try one Casablanca or one Rocket? No problem!  Great for trying new varieties, or if you have limited space such as containers on a patio.  This Potato Day, in Stroud Merrywalks Centre on Saturday 2 Feb 2013, was run jointly by Transition Stroud and Down To Earth.

In all they sold nearly half a ton of seed potatoes, which is…err… a  lot.

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    08. Feb, 2013

    Great to see the event – you can also see Stroud Potato Day 2011 on SCTV at:

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