The Golden Rule Tax Disobedience

Posted on 20. Apr, 2016 by in Environment & Nature, Featured, Politics & Campaigns

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Stroud-based Compassionate Revolution write: Time for a mass civil disobedience across the UK. Pledge here:…

Dear fellow citizens of the United Kingdom, the time has come for an uprising across our lands. We need to reclaim our democracy so it serves all of our people, not just the rich and corporations. Our economy is dominated by destructive and unjust rules. Corruption, injustice, inequality and urgent issues like climate change aren’t being addressed because democracy fails with these rigged rules.

See also great letter from many Stroudies in The Guardian:

I’ll be explaining how we can rise up together in a mass civil disobedience calling for significant change. This tax disobedience is designed so that everyone can join in, tax is at the heart of our democracy and civil disobedience is crucial at this time.

See shorter version here:

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