The Apparition

Posted on 24. Aug, 2015 by in Arts, Featured

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Uploaded by Lee Prescott of the Stonehouse and Stroud Video Unit who had some involvement in the original story that has been built on. It was filmed at Arlingham earlier this year.

Lee writes: ‘This story is an adaptation based on a true event which occurred whilst driving home alone, very late one night, just one car in front. Rounding a bend on a Cotswold back road which in previous centuries was an old track, the car in front hit a strange figure walking towards us in the centre of the road. We stopped and searched for the “figure” around and under the cars, on the road, in the ditches, in the fields alongside. Nothing. No One. No marks on the car. ‘Phoned the police. Nothing found. Breath tested = zero! The driver who hit the “figure” was shaken up. Accompanying him to his house he then found that his wife had done a “runner” with her 18 years old “Toy Boy”.’

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