The Clouds

Posted on 06. Jul, 2014 by in Environment & Nature, Featured

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Damon Cannard writes:

Whilst at the field in Frampton, I was fascinated by the clouds above, a real mix of crisp and wispy, transparent and completely solid, they somehow didn’t look real, almost unnatural, but natural at the same time. To my eyes, they were just hanging there, not doing a lot, except looking spectacular.

I set my GoPro up on a mount attached to a 60 minute kitchen timer, the idea being to take a Timelapse, hoping to capture just a hint of the beauty above as the GoPro rotated slightly. I didnt set it to the full 60 minutes, I really just wanted a snapshot of what I was seeing myself. Setting it to about 10 minutes, I set it recording and went off and played with the dogs, oblivious to what was happening above, where to me, nothing much was happening except the clouds sitting there looking pretty. I wish I had set it for longer now, after seeing the finished 49 second timelapse, I was completely in awe of what had been going on above my head without me noticing.

You can watch this 49 seconds tens of times and still not take in everything that was mingling and merging and moving, it is a stark reminder just how small we are in the scheme of things, but add us all up and we can make things happen.

A lesson learned, from a bunch of clouds ;).

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2 Responses to “The Clouds”

  1. Annie Blick

    08. Jul, 2014

    Beautiful piece of film Damon. Some people never look up and appreciate the ever changing sky. I think that all children in school on days like you filmed this should lie on the school field and just look to the sky. But ‘eck we’ll have the health and safety brigade up in arms!! So often we see images of the earth from above, let’s not forget the heavens from the earth!!

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  2. philip

    08. Jul, 2014

    Yes wonderful film!

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