‘The Duel’; story of the last duel in England?

Posted on 18. Aug, 2015 by in Featured, History

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Lee Prescott of the Stonehouse and Stroud Video Unit uploaded this film. He writes: “Part of Stroud, Gloucestershire’s, historic past. The story of “THE DUEL”, often referred to as ‘the last duel in England’, took place in the Uplands area of the town on the 14th. August 1807. Effectively this was a murder where one of two friends killed the other. The quarrel was over a woman apparently. It was murder as duelling had been made unlawful although the Authorities often ‘turned a blind eye’ to it. Murder, because one of the protagonists fired his pistol early – one step to soon! The duellist who died is buried in the church yard of St. Lawrence’s Church, the Parish church of Stroud. Nearby lies the body of Thomas Howell who assisted in the foul deed.”

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