The new Community Kitchen in the Hidden Garden of Stroud

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SCTV-nominations-Best Community project filmThis film by Kezia White and Philip Booth covers the first work day on Sunday 19th August 2012 where many people came together to clear the land in preparation for making a garden outside the proposed Community Kitchen in the heart of Stroud. The ‘Hidden Garden’ behind Boots was prepared ready for the next stage of planting veg and more. Meanwhile work on the community kitchen has already begun and it is hoped that it will open in the Autumn.

The site is managed by OPENhouse but they are looking to work with a number of different groups to maximise the use of the site. The group in this film was initiated by a small group at the Independence Trust Wellbeing Centre, including Sophie (who appears at the beginning of the film). Since then others have joined and developed the plans for a monthly cafe; there has been particular delight by the opportunities this garden and kitchen offer. Other groups also have plans for projects at the site. Already it looks like a regular gardening group will develop to finish clearing, developing and maintaining the garden.

The project is all about looking at the strengths that already exist within this area and building on those. The group includes people with disabilities and mental health challenges and voluntary and community sector organisations – all working together in what has been dubbed a ‘Learning Site’ – working across conventional boundaries to enable people with disabilities and mental health challenges to take charge of their own lives and develop opportunities to help themselves, and others.  See more at:

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