The Severn Bore, A Birds Eye View…surf movie ‘The Endless Winter’

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This is from The Endless Winter promotion YouTube channel:

As Mark and Mitch are surfing the Bore during a high autumn tide they will have 3 attempts at catching it, two early morning Bores and a night Bore (in the pitch black). The setting for attempt 1 was pretty epic. After a 5.30 wake-up call we enjoyed a beautiful sunrise revealing a low mist that had covered the river bed. As we watch (and attempted to film) from the river bank all we could really see were shadows in the mist. Luckily we had Mr. B in the water with the boys so we weren’t going to miss a thing.

While the boys paddled out and waited we were lucky enough to meet Phil, a paramotor pilot who had come to fly over the Bore. Phil has very kindly donated the following footage to the film shot during his flight (look out for Mitch and Egor centre of shot at then end). Ford S-MAX presents The Endless Winter – A Very British Surf Movie

See also them scrambling out of the Severn at:

And the film’s teaser at:

In just half a century the British surf scene has evolved from a cult to a thriving industry that boasts world-class waves, champion surfers and a 300,000 strong surfing community.  Mark ‘Egor’ Harris and Mitch Corbett will travel the length of the country discovering how this iconic surf scene was born, as well as stopping and surfing at significant breaks along the way. On their journey they’ll meet key characters from the history of British surfing as well as current crews that epitomise each region’s unique surfing culture.

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