The Walled Garden at The Museum In the Park, Stroud

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Best Community project film 2015Delighted to note that this film won the best Community Project film for 2015. For more information on Stroud Community TV Awards see:

Niks Patel of Ragged Moon, a judge in Stroud Community TV Awards, said: “An informative documentary that displays a strong sense of community and may inspire people to become involved.”

Nikki Simpson made this film. In August 2013, volunteers led by Stroud Valleys Project began to clear the Walled Garden at the Museum in the Park and to begin to shape its future. This film charts this volunteer project that has been partly funded by an Arts Council England Strategic Renaissance Support grant.

See also A Walk in Stratford Park that shows some of Walled Garden before it was cleared:

For more about other events and how to become a Friend of the Museum in the Park go to:

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