Toad is on the Road…

Posted on 10. Jan, 2013 by in Environment & Nature, Featured

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Sarah Dixon writes: “Toads have to cross roads to their summer ponds after they come out of winter hibernation, but many get run over. We made this film as a wish for the toads to get across safely and to let you know you can also help the toads – find your local Toads on Roads group!”

Common toads are particular about where they breed. They often migrate each year back to their ancestral breeding ponds along the same route usually at dusk – regardless of what gets in their way. This leads to a large number of deaths on roads; indeed it is estimated that 20 tonnes of toads die on UK roads each year. I understand Ellen Winter from Glos Wildlife Trust is planning to help some toads cross roads when they start doing that; that could be anytime now until the middle of March but is usually mid-February.

Poppy Robertson made the soundtrack with a kind of xylophone with her daughter –  and Josie Cowgill and Sarah made and filmed the toad in Summer Street playground. More about Sarah at:

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