Toxic Media Awards 2018

Posted on 17. Mar, 2018 by in Featured, Politics & Campaigns

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Real Media write of this action that included Gail from Stroud: After sneaking into the ballroom at the Hilton Park Lane to record an intro on the actual press awards stage, activists from Rising Up! staged their own ‘Toxic Media Awards’ outside the hotel prior to a demonstration as guests arrived for the prestigious media event. We bagged quick comments from two actual awards judges, John Stapleton and Lynn Faulds Wood, who seemed unconcerned about the state of some sections of the media and unimpressed by the Leveson review. Other guests told us that it was great for newspapers that Leveson 2 had been cancelled. Rising Up! are planning a week of action in the autumn to highlight toxic media, but in the meantime there are ideas on their F*c*book page about simple acts of disobedience like moving offensive newspapers around to hide them in supermarkets, and turning over the top paper of a pile to make them harder to find. The Daily Express, The Sun, and The Daily Mail were singled out for toxic awards, and we were reminded that the billionaire owners squirrel much of their money offshore to avoid paying UK tax, while dividing the country and targeting the poorest with relentless stories about benefit cheats and migrants.

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