The Transition Stroud film show, 2018

Every year, at its annual general meeting, Transition Stroud shows a film or films to explain what all us TS projects, in our own ways, are working towards. 2018’s selection focused on climate change, and was made and presented by TS director Tim Martel.

Man vs Earth

Prince Ea’s impassioned 2015 wake-up call to humanity (running time: 5m 27s).


What Shell knew about climate change in 1991

We’ve seen this coming for a long time. 2017 film by The Guardian. Profits and dividends are short-term gains for people who don’t expect to be around for the down-side (2m 40s).


Excellent quick summary of IPCC 1.5 degrees report

And this is what we know now in 2018 in a nutshell, courtesy of TeggTalk (3m 2s). (See the full press conference, the key points begin at 15m 36s.)


A year in the life of Earth’s CO2

NASA can even show you it happening. A simulation from 2014 shows how carbon dioxide in our atmosphere travels around our globe (3m 10s).


Seasonal changes in carbon dioxide

And from 2017, how it actually changes with the seasons (1m 20s).


Climate change

In 2015 The White Man Behind A Desk was appalled and couldn’t believe how less progressive humanity was than the Catholic Church (5m 4s). (Written by Robbie Nicol, produced by Elsie and Sally Bollinger.)


Andy Burnham and Kevin Anderson on climate change

But some people have woken up to the challenges. Andy Burnham and Kevin Anderson opening the Greater Manchester Green Summit in 2018 (43m 4s).


The case for optimism on climate change

And many others think we shouldn’t give up. A 2016 Al Gore TED Talk suggested how we might meet the challenges facing our planet (25m 20s).


James May’s Big Ideas – Power to the People

It’s true we need to think big, as James May showed in 2008 (58m 27s). (We screened the section on the sea turbine starting at 27m 46s.)


Nailsworth Repair Cafe

But everyone can do something, however small. This is what Transition Stroud is about – getting everybody to do what they can (5m 10s).



Anyone can be involved – Everyone is needed.