Undiscovered Cotswolds

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Uploaded by Lee Prescott of the Stonehouse and Stroud Video Unit. Lee writes of this film made in 2002: ‘The Cotswolds, England, is an area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB). Highlights of the 700 years old town of Stroud, Gloucestershire. “Undiscovered” because featured are places and events rarely in the itineraries of visitors to the area.’

500 copies of the film were circulated when it was released and I understand it made it onto TV in several countries – notably Russia from where they asked special permission to re record the commentary in Russian. It was transmitted from a TV station in Georgia where apparently people were ‘fascinated’ by the traditions.

The film includes old footage of Stroud Show floats, Bisley Well dressing, Fringe Festival, buskers, Painswick trees, Morris dancing, Randwick Wap (incl song) and more.

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