Uranium; the real costs of nuclear power

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MoodyRoger Moody is interviewed in this film about uranium mining ahead of a talk he gave in Stroud organised by Stroud District Green Party. Roger is Features Editor at Mines and Communities. More info at: http://www.minesandcommunities.org/

See also recent talk in Stroud about nuclear waste: https://stroudcommunity.tv/the-future-of-radioactive-waste-and-nuclear-safety-in-gloucestershire/

An interesting 1983 film ‘Four Corners’ on some of these issues is available at: http://www.sacredland.org/four-corners/

Report on impact of Cornish uranium mining: http://youtu.be/vBiEts0haFk

Amongst Roger’s publications are:

“Rocks and Hard Places : The Globalization of Mining”. The world of international mining is changing rapidly. Mineral consumption is outstripping the capabilities of both communities and fragile ecosystems to cope with bigger and bigger mines. Moody shows that mining can impact severely on local communities, ways of life and the environment. This key book concludes with urgent proposals to control multinationals in a sector that is at the core of resource exploitation.

“The Gulliver File: Uranium Mining Industry [Hardcover]”. This is a study of the world of mining – a book born from the experience of numerous environmental, anti-nuclear and indigenous groups, concerned about the negative impact of huge mineral mining projects. The book has profiles of more than 650 companies worldwide, including full details of their ultimate ownership and their subsidiaries and detailed information on hundreds of mining prospects – along with full accounts of resistance to them.

More about Stroud District Green Party at: http://www.stroudgreenparty.org.uk/


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