Vintage Cine Film from 1984: George Young of France Lynch, Chalford postman and artist

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Filmmaker Robert Paget writes:

“George Young grew up in south London. He was injured at Ypres in WWI, and taken to a hospital in Chester. In the 1920s he moved to the Stroud area and became a postman from the Chalford office in 1924.
He married my grandmother’s sister Blanche, who was schoolteacher in France Lynch.
His painting of Cirencester Parish Church was among the finest of his paintings, and George later had an optical copy of this film.
Some unsteadiness of the image is caused by the digital scanner, and I have utilised the full width of the image, which would normally have been partly “cropped” when projected. Luckily, I had retained the original magnetic reel to reel tape on which the soundtrack had been assembled, and now realise that in the 1980s George had recorded an audio track for me of his experiences and life.
This film represented Cotswold Cine Club in winning the Gloucester inter Club Competition in 1984
filmed in Super 8mm Kodachrome 40
Elgar. Cockaigne Overture. Sir Adrian Boult. London Philharmonic Orchestra”

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