Virtual Tour of Gloucestershire Incinerator

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Campaign group GlosVAIN write: This short Virtual Tour of Javelin Park will blow you away as it reveals the true enormity of the approved Gloucestershire Incinerator..

URGENT – Gloucestershire Needs YOU!

It’s our last chance to avert a 25 year catastrophe in our county – a HUGE WASTE INCINERATOR at Javelin Park, near Gloucester.

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Reasons why the incinerator is a Colossal Mistake and must be stopped……
** Over £200m of taxpayers’ money could be saved by scrapping the incinerator and opting for alternatives. This money could go into much needed front line council services for children and care for the elderly.
** There are plenty of cheaper alternative facilities available close to Gloucestershire, all of which would avoid land-filling our waste.
** The incinerator will burn recyclables and reduce recycling.
** The incinerator is the worst option for climate change after landfill and will produce huge amounts of CO2.
** It has not been proven to be safe for human health.
** It will blight the countryside in plain view of the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Cotswold Way.

Please do the right thing by Gloucestershire before it’s too late! The incinerator has been approved and will built unless we stop it now. We need over 1000 more signatures in the next few days to be able to present the petition at the county council meeting on 18th Feb, when the incinerator will be debated. Thanks!

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