Wallbridge Lower Lock update 16th April & 13th May 2016

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Cotswold Canals write: Wallbridge Lower Lock, Thames & Severn Canal, Stroud. Restoration update: 16th April 2016 – With the lower part of the lock chamber braced, local contractors Messrs GARDINERS begin to remove the collapsed offside wing wall at the tail of the lock, and ELLIS CRANE HIRE lower a small excavator into the bed of the canal to break up the sheared section of very hard bricks.
Volunteers have largely restored the brickwork in the rest of the lock chamber, and a small team were working on the towpath upstream of the head of the lock in a seasonal mix of “Sunshine and Snow”.
13th May 2016: An 18 metre reach excavator removes the final spoil from the lock tail, having relieved the pressure on the offside wing wall from years of dumped soil and debris. The lock cill is now clearly exposed, and the original full depth of the canal can be seen.
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