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Severn Wye have had various projects in the Stroud district – they are all about sustainable energy and affordable warmth projects and are now involved in a new initiative – here’s a short promo about WeatherEnergy, a European project which promotes the link between UK weather and renewable energy production.

WeatherEnergy is fundamentally about translating our actual UK weather into the amount of renewable energy generated, for example the average household solar PV installation would have provided the average family with 49% of their daily demand yesterday and 93% over the last week.  For solar thermal it was 100% yesterday and 89% over the past week.  The project also provides information on the number of homes that could have been provided with electricity from the UK’s wind turbines, these numbers have been very impressive over the last few months, whilst yesterday it was over 4million homes, at times during February it exceeded 10million homes.

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