Whack Cover! Folsom Prison Blues ‘Official Video’

Posted on 20. Oct, 2015 by in Comedy, Featured, Music

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2015 Nominations-Best Music FilmWe are delighted to note that this video has been nominated by the public for Stroud Community TV Awards 2015.

Stroud’s Ryan of ‘I Got No Spit‘ writes: ‘Enjoy, this is fun, thats OK, smile! Look out for the insane drum solo! SEND IN YOUR REQUESTS!! For more Whack Covers…..Share, Subscribe and FEEL ALIVE BABY! Find us on FaceBook, Twiiter, Instagram and on a cold dark street.’

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5 Responses to “Whack Cover! Folsom Prison Blues ‘Official Video’”

  1. Casimir Greenfield

    21. Oct, 2015


    More, more, MORE!

    At last – a dose of humour. This is a brilliant cover version – can’t wait to see what else is up this guy’s wet sleeve.

    I’ll know I’ve made it when he covers one of mine…


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  2. Ryan

    21. Oct, 2015

    haha cheers Cas! I was thinking Sunny Afternoon as a possible next instalment!

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  3. Ryan

    21. Oct, 2015

    Cas I just checked out your website, some great stuff on there!

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    • Casimir Greenfield

      27. Oct, 2015

      Thanks Ryan…

      Would love to hear you interpret Radar Love!

      But I’ve got a new song called Rattlesnake Jar I’d love you to do a version of – let me know if you’re interested and I’ll get an MP3 flying your way.

      Keep up the good work.


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  4. Ryan

    03. Nov, 2015

    Hi Cas,

    Sounds good! ryandevine84@gmail.com is my email….also, maybe we can discuss a music video/live recording? I really want to get into writing/filming/editing music videos!

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