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WoolDrummersThis film captures the 7 miles of the scarf from Burghfield to Aldermaston on 9/08/14 before everyone held it up at 1.00pm – plus these amazing drummers. You can see the other films soon and more films in coming days at:

See also silent film by Ben Folley of scarf Aldermaston to Burghfield:

See another silent film of the whole length of the scarf in 70 seconds:

Yarn Bomb, not real Bombs! Wool Against Weapons is an anti war grassroots campaign to draw attention to the Governments proposed £120bn spend to renew Trident. Thousands of knitters have been joining in from all over the world, in what has been a truly International effort to produce over 11,000 meters of scarf. The project has been led by Stroud’s Jaine Rose and saw the unrolling of the scarf between AWE Aldermaston and AWE Burghfield on August 9th 2014. The scarf will now be repurposed into blankets which will be used for humanitarian aid, including projects in Tanzania, Uganda, Syria, and the U.K.

Wool Against Weapons is supported by CND, Action AWE and Lush Campaigns. You can see more at:

Apols for extra ‘r’ in Aldermaston!

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