Wholewoods’ traditional tree-felling course at Westonbirt

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2015 Nominations-Best Local Business filmWe are delighted to note that this film has been nominated by the public as one of the best Stroud Business films in 2015. See more about Stroud Community TV Awards 2015 here.

One of our judges, the BBC’s Faye Hatcher, said: “Nice story telling techniques. Interesting facts and sound effects. Simple but effective. Gentle watch”.

And another judge Megan Titley of the SNJ said: “Great topic dramatic nice ‘hand-made’ feel nice interviews with good quotes made me want to do the course.”

Stroud-based Wholewoods ran this course in October 2015 at Westonbirt Arboretum.  Participants learned the almost lost art of how to cut down large trees using traditional axes and two-person crosscut saws (i.e. without a chainsaw).  Tutor – Adrian Leaman of wholewoods.co.uk where you can book a place for this and other practical woodland and building skills courses.

Film by Peter Richardson, stroudfilms.co.uk

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