Wilderspin ‘Promises’ about the Glencoe Massacre 1691

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Wilderspin write: The Glencoe Massacre took place on February 13th. 1691. The actual facts and circumstances relating to this tragic event are often skewed and misunderstood and commonly dismissed and explained solely as an inter-clan feud between the Campbells and MacDonalds but as is so often case the truth is more complex and machiavellian and much of the blame lies at the feet of the Scottish Secretary of State at the time, John Dalrymple. The enduring memory of the event is not least founded on the moral unacceptability of the abuse of common hospitiality and the basic inhumanity demonstrated by the actions before dawn on that day.

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  1. Wee wiggy

    13. Feb, 2013

    The glencoe massacre was in 1692 not 1691!

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