Wilderspin-Stroud Life (musical response to BBCs Country File)

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SCTVawards-Best Music filmThis film in addition to the 2012 Award, was voted runner up to the Best Film of the last five years in 2017. See more at: https://stroudcommunity.tv/awards-2017/

A wonderful light-hearted, wry look at life in and around the rural Cotswold town of Stroud, Gloucestershire (UK), and some of the people who live and work there. This video was made by local folk/country/rock band Wilderspin, as a result of a report by the BBC’s Country File program earlier this year, where they managed to find some slightly ‘odd’ examples of our local residents.

Mark Wilderspin comments: “Originally this video was intended to be an attempt to prove Country File wrong…..but sadly, they seem to have hit the nail bang on the head. So yes, we’re all a bit bonkers, but we’re proud of it. It’s meant to be fun…please don’t be offended if you find yourself somewhere in one of the video scenes….and don’t forget that our wonderful buskers need you to reward them with money. They really made this video something something special for us. Genuine thanks to them.”

Stroud Community TV Awards 2012

07Mark Wilderspin (pictured)commenting to Stroud Community TV on the awards in February 2013 said: “Wilderspin are delighted to have won the SCTV music video award and thank all those who nominated us and who have contributed to it’s success both by inadvertantly appearing in it and also watching it. It’s been great to have the opportunity to document the key aspects that we all know and love about Stroud’s everyday life in both song and video. It’s actually quite ironic as the song was originally only writtten for a one-off gig and never destined to be part of our usual set list and languished in the ‘Stuff we’re not quite sure what to do with tray’ until we decided to see how it might sound recorded. Then a friend’s dog seemed to like it so we thought we might release it and give it an airing. So we guess he should be sharing in the accolades of this award as much as Mark Wilderspin who wrote the song and Paul Bryant who produced the video.”

04See more about the awards and the other winners and nominations at: https://stroudcommunity.tv/awards-2012/
For those that are interested in the music, there is also a studio video of the band, in the recording studio, creating the soundtrack. You can find it at: https://stroudcommunity.tv/wilderspin-stroud-life-studio-sessions/

There is also lots more of Wilderspin on Stroud Community TV – please use the search box to find them.

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