Wool against weapons Feb 2014

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Gail Bradbrook has just uploaded this…Sun 23rd Feb and a community gathers to begin sewing together a 7 mile peace scarf…

cropped-wool-against-weapons-headerStroud’s Jaine Rose started this project. She wrote: : The U.K Government is going to spend over £80 billion on renewing the Trident Nuclear warhead – yes, you did hear me right, that’s a lot of money at a time of financial austerity and recession. And you know what? The world has a global arms trade worth $1.74 trillion – woweee! The U.S military is the biggest single user of petrol, and this is why it has the biggest carbon footprint. Now, it doesn’t seem like rocket science to me – lets invest in people instead – lets move from a war economy to a green economy. Cut the military, address the root causes of violence, wars and terrorism. Alright, so we are not all front liners. But in my experience, knitters can be a feisty bunch. What we need now is action and hands! By picking up our needles and crochet hooks we are directly engaging in the idea of protest. Of having a voice. Of saying “listen up people, this is NOT what I want. Let’s change it”

See more at: http://www.woolagainstweapons.co.uk/

And Facebook here.

And CND here: http://www.cnduk.org/campaigns/no-to-trident/wool-against-weapons-campaign

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