‘Would like to meet’ – moving short film

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SCTV-awards-2014- Audience Award2We are delighted to confirm this film was nominated by Stroud Community TV viewers for Stroud Community TV Awards 2014. While the film didn’t win that category it did get the most viewer votes and win the Audience Award. See details at: https://stroudcommunity.tv/awards-2014/

Glos Voices write: We wanted to highlight the difficulties that so many of our are members experience with making new friendships and dating. We also wanted to illustrate and raise awareness of the loneliness and isolation that people so often feel. So we decided to make a film. With a limited budget of £250…! No professional gear, ah! We shot and edited this short film in 3 weeks – hurray! We hope you like it.

sctv-nomis-2014-logo- Audience AwardEmma James, local film and tv producer, who runs the Cotswold Film and Location Office (credits include Cider with Rosie and The Casual Vacancy) and also a judge in the Awards said: “A wonderfully filmed piece following our central character on this intimate search for love proving there might just be someone for everyone. The street scenes through Stroud and recognisable locations made this especially likeable for me and gave it that ‘home grown’ appeal and Tim Heavens’ role of central character Scott was utterly charming.  This bought a smile to my face”.

Stroud Community TV judge David Pearson, of award-winning Arturi films, Oscar Shortlisted, BAFTA Nominated and winner of British Independent Film Award for feature film Mugabe and The White African, said: “A poignant insight into,and from, a group of people who are rarely heard and deserve more understanding and appreciation by the rest of us”.

For more about Gloucestershire Voices; www.glosvoices.co.uk


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3 Responses to “‘Would like to meet’ – moving short film”

  1. Sally Warren

    30. Mar, 2014

    Thanks so much for this powerful, thought provoking film! We’ll make sure it gets ‘out there’. It could be used do well in a range of ways so we need to make sure people know about it.

    Great as well to show that a message can be shared skilfully on film without costing loads of money!

    Thanks to everyone who made it happen!

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    • Dominic Wolf

      01. Apr, 2014

      Thanks Sally for your very kind words. We’re looking for funding at the moment to do more like this so hopefully we’ll be adding more in the not too distant future!

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  2. Jon Minall

    27. Feb, 2015

    Thanks for this brilliant film. It portrays so well what many people tell me.

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