WWT Wildlife Weekly – Episode 13

Posted on 01. Mar, 2014 by in Environment & Nature, Featured

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Worms are the key to every gull’s heart. Things are hotting up at WWT Slimbridge as pairs of birds start to woo each other ahead of the breeding season. A male Herring gull performs a special dance to bring juicy worms to the surface to impress his partner. Meanwhile a Wood pigeon shows he is smitten with his partner by head-bobbing, kissing and even regurgitating his food as an offering. James Lees, who presents this week’s Wildlife Weekly, welcomes this spring activity but it does mean that soon he will bid farewell to the last of the Bewick’s swans. He visits the last remaining swans to see how they are preparing for the long migration ahead. Click on Slimbridge tag to see previous episodes. See more about WWT at: www.wwt.org.uk/slimbridge

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