WWT Wildlife Weekly – Episode 6

Posted on 09. Jan, 2014 by in Environment & Nature, Featured

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WWT write: Water, water everywhere…and the birds love it!

The biggest tide in at least 30 years at WWT Slimbridge even left the birds looking rather puzzled last week.
This Wildlife Weekly includes the incredible footage as last Friday’s big tide floods over the Reserve changing the habitat in an instant.
It shows some species walking and flying away from the water, while others quickly took advantage of the fresh layer of muddy silt from the Severn to start feeding.

Dave Paynter, the Reserve Manager, explains how the weather has made the birds restless this week making them easy prey for a peregrine and a buzzard hunting out on the Reserve. We welcome any contributed footage each week so if you take some interesting film on a trip here then please get in touch with our media team to find out how to submit it to media.production@wwt.org.uk

Click on Slimbridge tag to see previous episodes. See more about WWT at: www.wwt.org.uk/slimbridge

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