WWT Wildlife Weekly – Episode 9

Posted on 12. Feb, 2014 by in Environment & Nature

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Crouching crane, hidden camera. Studying the behaviour of wildlife can lead to more questions than answers.
Although he has spent years studying the wildlife of WWT Slimbridge two separate occurrences left warden James Lees puzzled this week. One was a mysterious crouching crane and another time he watched two gulls pursuing a duck. He managed to capture the fascinating footage to share it with you. The cranes have become very active and vocal at WWT Slimbridge this week. These birds are part of a very successful reintroduction programme called the Great Crane Project in which the WWT has played a key role in. Over the next couple of years the Project team hope to see the cranes successfully breeding so their friendly behaviour so far this year is very encouraging.

This weekend (Feb 1 & 2) is our Festival of Birds at WWT Slimbridge. You can meet all the wardens on Saturday and Sunday as they lead events and talks around the site. Come and say hello and let them know your thoughts on Wildlife Weekly

Click on Slimbridge tag to see previous episodes. See more about WWT at: www.wwt.org.uk/slimbridge

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