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Posted on 26. Feb, 2014 by in Charity, Featured

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You’re Welcome’ is about providing a free space where anyone can share their thoughts, passions, ideas, and meet like-minded people and groups in Gloucestershire.

We believe everyone has something they care about and something to offer. It is in doing things together that barriers between people are broken down, confidence is built and opportunities emerge. As Canadian philosopher Jean Vanier puts it, ‘one of the marvellous things about community is that it enables us to welcome people in a way we couldn’t as individuals’.

‘You’re Welcome’ supports and encourages neighbourhoods where everyone knows someone to say hello to and have a cup of tea with, and has people to call on if they need a hand. Of course ‘everyone’ includes people with disabilities and mental health challenges at the heart of the action. That is why the site features an ‘accessibility’ section where you can find useful links and tips on how to customise your browser to make it easier to use.

You can join us by going on our website

Once you’ve signed in, you’ll be able to create an event, start a group, share with us something you care about, learn about Barnwood Trust grants, and much more! Don’t worry if Internet is not your thing, we are happy to help, so get in contact with us if you or your group need some training on how to use this brand new website. You can also raise your questions here or on our Twitter profile (@YWGlos) and we’ll try our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

We will be posting regular updates on content created by users like you, and other information on how to make the most of this platform such as privacy settings, using filters so you only see what you’re interested in, and lots of other possibilities to get involved in your community.

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