Page last updated 23rd March 2018

Stroud Community TV is a not-for-profit independent channel for videos recording and celebrating the Five Valleys.

‘By the people of Stroud and for the people of Stroud’

We are part of Transition Stroud, who are about building and strengthening community and seeking to a move us to a more locally-based low carbon lifestyle. We are after videos that have been made by local people or made in or about the Five Valleys. Whether it is skateboarding, music, a local event or an idea we would love to hear from you –  see our ‘Get Involved’ page.

Stroud Community TV is a place to promote the diversity of Stroud; to support our local economy; to raise awareness and help inspire us to take actions that secure a sustainable and resilient future for our community; to create a space for voices who are less often heard, and to encourage and develop media skills and creative talent in Stroud.

Whether it is a film about a sports events or a local project we would love to share it here. We are already fortunate to live in an area where we are blessed with many strong community links, enormous creativity and many people passionate to make things better still. This is an opportunity to tell some of those stories and inspire more.

Video stat

Cisco predicted last year that video will make up 82% of all consumer IP traffic will be video (see here)! Video is already a major force, accounting for 73 percent of all consumer internet traffic in 2016.

Our History

PeterStroud Community TV developed out of a conversation in the Autumn of 2011 between Peter Richardson (left), of Stroud-based  Ethical Internet and Philip Booth (below), a former District councillor who works for a local charity and has been involved in many local community projects. Both were excited by the potential of bringing together films to share stories to foster and build communities in the Five Valleys.

The project attracted interest from many groups and help in getting established has come from a variety of sources. In November 2011 the project was successful in an application for a small grant from Stroud Town Council to establish the website and some marketing leaflets. Local artist Russ provided us with the great logo. The website launched in March 2012 with over 140 films.

We also set up a Facebook site, a Twitter account ‘@StroudTV’ and our SCTV newsletter goes out monthly (you can sign up from this site). You can also see our archive of old newsletters at;

SCTVwinnerTWO-s2In April 2012 we were excited to become part of Transition Stroud; as part of Transition, SCTV will help reach out to a wider audience to promote community resilience and a low carbon future. We also started annual Stroud Community TV Awards in a number of categories – see our nominations, winners and star judging team by clicking on Awards in the top line of this page. We have over 3,000 films uploaded and our viewing figures are between 50 and 200 each day. We are always looking for more help, thoughts and ideas on how to build this project.

“I think the thing that the Transition movement creates is a positive atmosphere for people to talk about change and a culture of thinking how that applies to a local situation. And also, it’s not just about one thing. It’s not just about energy, it’s about food, it’s about travel, it’s about work, it’s also about culture as well.  I think that’s the unique thing that Transition does.”
Allan Shepherd, Author of ‘The Home Energy Handbook’

Next steps

At the end of March 2018 after the successful Stroud Community TV Awards evening at Lansdown Philip stood down from his role as a Director. This leaves open opportunities to take the project in new directions – if you are interested get in touch.