Our story

So Peter Richardson and Philip Booth got talking in the autumn of 2011. They were both excited by the potential of film to share stories, to foster and build communities in the Five Valleys. They invented Stroud Community TV.

Their idea attracted interest and support from many and diverse individuals and groups. Stroud Town Council was one of our earliest supporters, providing a grant in November 2011 to help us get going, and lots more help since. Local artist Russ devised our logo and helped bring Oscat into our lives.

SCTV went live on this website in March 2012, and on Facebook and Twitter. The very next month we joined the Transition Movement as part of Transition Stroud.

In February 2013 we held our first Awards, looking back on a year of Stroud community films. They became our annual Awards. You can see how we’ve grown since through them, and by visiting our newsletter archive.

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When we launched, we launched with a little over 140 films. When we held our first Awards, we looked back on 700. We’ve added around 3000 more since. Philip’s taken a step back from the day to day of the station, though he’s there with wisdom and advice whenever we need it. Peter’s still very much involved – if you’re reading these words at all it’s because of him – but it’s Dmytro Bojaniwskyj and Holly Anderson with their fingers on the Play button now.

And you. If you want to get involved.