Privacy Policy

Welcome to the page with answers about our Privacy Policy. We hope you do not neglect to learn this information before playing at our casino. Please analyze this document to ensure your understanding of the anonymity matters.

By choosing our casino, you agree with the policy automatically. Also, note that various points of the Privacy Policy might be a part of the general Terms of Use. If there are any alterations in the document, we will notify you if you are a member!

So, this document elucidates:

  • Relevant information we collect;
  • The reasons we collect the mentioned details;
  • Log data;
  • Cookies;
  • Service providers;
  • Information about children;
  • Disclosure conditions;
  • Contacting.

Relevant Information We Collect

Various data pieces are essential for the service's functioning. That information is indispensable for identifying you and protecting your account from breaches. Thus, we might require:

  • Your name;
  • Age information;
  • Phone number;
  • Other details that identify you.

Note that some data pieces like email and passwords are in the data storage axiomatically. Those facts are necessary to allow you to use the services. We also fix information about your preferred currencies, time of playing, preferred language, etc.

The Reasons We Collect the Mentioned Details

First, we cannot omit saving that information as we must provide services to you. If we lack any vital details (name, age, email, and password), you will not have access to the services. Other details are essential to personalize and enhance the services for your convenience.

Second, that information serves as backup material if we detect suspicious activity on your account. For instance, fraudsters might access your account from a remote area that conflicts with your IP data. In that case, our administration identifies and contacts the players to confer that information and decide on actions.

Third, we must conduct systematic research on the audience to enhance our services. Thus, we must form and present statistics that demonstrate the success extent.

Fourth, we need that information to protect you as a law subject from unlawful activity.

Log Data

Your preferred browser shares information about you whenever you use any service or website. That information is also essential for service providing. Hence, that way, we may obtain information on your:

  • IP;
  • Browser (brand and version);
  • Visited pages on the casinos' websites;
  • Date-time of visiting;
  • The time you spend on each page of the service;
  • Other data.


Those necessary files function when you are in the process of website usage. They serve as identifiers and erase themselves at the moment when you close the tab. You can enable them back whenever. Cookies are necessary for website usage. You can refuse them when you enter the casino or restrict their functioning later. Yet, note that blocking the identifiers leads to having limited opportunities on the website.

Service Provider

Service providers may be not official parts of our team, but they might access your information to:

  • Help us provide services to you;
  • Analyze the gathered material for service enhancement;
  • To allow service-related actions.

The third-party service providers have no right to disclose your information. We assign the providers to function on our behalf, but we never allow sharing of your data. Thus, your data pieces remain confidential.

Information about Children

The website is not for children. You must be at least 18 y.o. to access and use our website. If you are not 18 or older, we ask you to leave the website and not use any services.

If children register on our website using fake information, we may launch an investigation. If the result is positive, we close the account permanently. We do not intend to collect any information from children. If you notice information about children that we have not detected, don't hesitate to contact our support. We will erase that data momentarily.

Disclosure Conditions

We do not intend to disclose your information as it must stay confidential. So, we are not sharing your data with the third parties who do not collaborate with us. Yet, we may ask official institutions to learn your information if we detect:

  • Unlawful activity;
  • Fraud;
  • Stolen money sources;
  • Other details indicating a breach of law.

The investigation commences as soon as we discover suspicious activity. If we detect any of the listed components, we have the right to direct your information to the official institutions. Official institutions will obtain the materials to continue examinations.


If you have any unclarified questions, please contact the support for extra explanation. The support functions 24/7, and the longest response time is 15 minutes. You may use any contracting tools, but we recommend texting us in the secure chat for extra encryption.