Terms of Use

Welcome to the Terms of Use page! This document is essential for learning if you want to use our website. Please do not neglect to analyze every point of the document. That contributes to your rational and safe website usage. Henceforth, we elucidate:

  • General conditions;
  • User's obligations;
  • Deposits;
  • Withdrawals;
  • Responsible gaming/gambling;
  • Privacy;
  • Prohibited activities.

1. General Conditions

Choosing our website means consenting to the rules' functioning. You agree that you will not bypass the rules automatically.

Every player must visit the page and understand the terms and conditions. We have the right to alter the rules. We notify our members about the changes and welcome them to learn the new version if that happens. We may translate the document into other languages, but the English version remains original. Thus, it is advisable to learn the first copy of the document.

2. User's Obligations

First, one user may create one account to use the website. We do not allow creating multiple accounts using the same necessary data, IP, and device. If the casino administration detects duplicate accounts, we have the right to block all your accounts.

Second, you must be at the legal age for gambling activities. If you use fake information to access the website and use the services, we may terminate the account. Please do not temperate verifying your account so that we fix that you do not violate the law.

Third, you might play if your country prohibits gambling by bypassing the restrictions (with a VPN), which is unlawful. It is your responsibility to research if your country allows gambling. If you use fake information and extra tools to bypass the law and deceive our system, it is not our responsibility. We have the right to block your account if we detect activity from a country that prohibits casino entertainment.

Fourth, every player must provide accurate data to become a member. Essential data is indispensable for various reasons, including:

  • Identifying a member;
  • Maintaining accounts;
  • Personalizing the services
  • Protecting the members from unlawful activity;
  • Researching the success extent;
  • Analyzing the website's performance.

Fifth, no member can use offensive and abusive language to other members and workers. Using live chat means sticking to the general rules of mutual respect. The administration does not tolerate abusive communication. Thus, we may terminate your account if you continue using offensive wording.

3. Deposits

Deposits are instant no matter the payment option you choose. Note that some deposit methods mean paying an extra charge. Some deposit ways do not include paying that.

We credit the account only after we obtain the proof of payment. Please contact support if you have paid and proven the payment, but the credits have not appeared. We may also add extra identifying procedures for safety reasons.

You cannot deposit with payment tools that do not belong to you. Please confirm that you are the rightful owner of the tool you use for payments. If we detect stolen cards, we have the right to direct that information to official institutions.

4. Withdrawals

Some withdrawals may be instant. Please learn the details about all withdrawal methods to determine the most convenient for you. Please note that raw bonus resources are not for withdrawals. Also, do not neglect the wagering demands if you use a bonus.

We may ask you to verify your identity for a withdrawal. Different identification procedures are vital for players' safety.

We may approve the withdrawal within 3 days. Please note that banking methods might delay your obtaining. We are not responsible for the delays due to financial institutions' work.

5. Responsible Gaming/Gambling

All actions that a player takes are the responsibility of a player. We are not responsible for irrational decisions, chasing losses, and other actions that lead to loss. We encourage the players to learn each product's game rules. If the player neglects the rules, that is not our responsibility.

It is advisable to stop the session if you have experienced psychological issues when gambling. You may request assistance from us if you experience the mentioned problem. Every player has the right to offer a Time-Out. That procedure blocks you from playing for the determined time. We reserve all your bonuses and progress, so you can play again when you deal with the issue.

6. Privacy

We gather essential information to provide services to you and enhance the website's performance. We do not intend to disclose your information. Your data is under the protection of modern security systems. Please read our Privacy Policy for more details.

7. Prohibited Activities

No player can:

  • Use stolen payment tools;
  • Do the money laundering;
  • Create multiple accounts;
  • Use automated tools (bots and programs) to take advantage;
  • Conceal the errors in the system and use them to gain an advantage;
  • Use the website if they are not 18 y.o.;
  • Use the website with a VPN if the country prohibits gambling.

We may commence an examination if we detect suspicious activity. The gathered information might become the material for investigation by authorities. Also, we may restrict or delete the suspicious account without restoring the credits.

Please note that there are also unwelcomed activities that might hinder your experience. We do not ban those activities, but we recommend avoiding them. For instance, it is advisable to never share your details with third parties who might have malicious intentions.